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We are a collaboration of Jungian Analysts, clergy, analysands, and all heart-felt lovers of Jung.  We are interested in the intersection of psyche and the creative imagination, art, religion, and the survival and evolution of the human spirit. 


We share a common understanding that the culture is in a period of major transition and that psyche is requiring individuals to become more conscious, and soon.


To that end, we hope to contribute ideas that comfort, challenge, inspire, and heal.  We hope to continue helping Jung with his original project, ". . . to open peoples' eyes to the fact that man has a soul and there is a buried treasure in the field and that our religion and philosophy are in a lamentable state." 


We offer online lectures, classes, study groups, and a variety of portals through which we hope to contribute to the healing of both the individual and the collective culture, unearthing the treasures through the lenses of archetypal psychohistory, comparative religion, science, art, film, fairytale, and myth.